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Women and Child Development Organization.

Women and Child Development Organization (WCWO) endeavours to create an enabling environment for marginalized communities through sustainable livelihood and peace building activities in the country. Equal opportunities and focus on vulnerable group of population i.e. women, children, elderly and persons with disabilities are the cross cutting themes of WCWO. The organization ensures the inclusion of its cross-cutting themes in all its projects.


WCWO endeavours to create an enabling environment for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities through participatory approach in collaboration with government, humanitarian and development actors.


WCWO envisions a sustainable model of poverty alleviation and peace to bring a positive social change through participatory approach for sustainable means of livelihood in the program area.


•         To work for the welfare of women and children through various programs and services.
•         To work for the welfare of youth through various programs and services.
•         Welfare and rehabilitation of patients, and family planning.
•         Arrangement of recreational activities among those people not working to keep them away from anti-social activities


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F.I.R. (First Information Report)

F.I.R. (First Information Report) Relevant Provision Section 154 CrPC deals with the topic of FIR (First Information Report) Object * To inform about the commission

انکم ٹیکس کیا ہے؟

انکم ٹیکس گوشوارے کیا ہیں ؟ اور کیسے جمع کرواۓ جا سکتے ہیں؟ اگر کسی کی شخص کی سالانہ آمدنی 400000 سے زائد یا ماہانہ

خلع کسے کہتے ہیں؟

س… خلع کیا ہے؟ یہ اسلامی ہے یا غیراسلامی؟ زید نے اپنی بیوی گلشن کو شادی کے بعد تنگ کرنا شروع کردیا، بیوی نے خلع

We are the active Member of APRRN & Executive Director Mr. Sheraz Khan is Representative for protection of Refugee Rights from Asia Pakistan.