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Shahida Shah, a research scholar of M.Phil. (Area Study of China, Russia, Central Asia & Afghanistan) and a master in Human Development Studies is an Activist in KP/FATA for Women Rights, Minority Rights & Peace. She led a community forum for tribal women of FATA called “Takrah Qabailee Khwenday” (TQK) which means “Brave Tribal Sisters” (An initiative by Khwendo Kor & Civil Society KP/FATA); from its founding year 2012 to 2017, where the tribal women get together, share their issues and approach the authorities for solution along with empowering them politically, socially & economically.

Ms Shah has worked for Minority Rights in KP/FATA and has supervised the legislation & advocacy process with Parliamentarians, Politicians, Media & Civil Society successfully. She has also initiated public celebrations of the Non-Muslim religious ceremonies like Christmas in Landi Kotal (FATA), Raksha Bandhan, Deewali, Holi etc for inter faith harmony & minority rights At international level, Ms Shah led as a chartered President of the 1st international registered forum for Pashtun women called “Peshawar Ladies Lions Club International”.

Ms Shah is also a fellow of South Asian SANGAT course for Feminism & Human Rights; and is a representative in KP/FATA for an International movement of “One Billion Rising” (OBR) to end violence against women.  Shahida Shah was selected as one of the “Af-Pak women Leaders” in 2017. Recently Ms Shah was invited to become member of a global movement called “Female Wave of Change”.

As a peace activist Ms Shah has participated in all protests against terrorism by civil society of KP/FATA and recently on the request of APS Martyrs’ mothers she has successfully mobilized the civil society of KP/FATA to file a petition in Peshawar High Court to demand an investigation commission for APS Attack on 16th Dec, 2014.


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