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Networking Definition

The LR actively participates in national and international networks for professional competence and experience exchange, and in order to connect local human rights defenders to national and international actors. Through these networks, the LR provides professional input to decision makers, especially regarding the work for protection of human rights defenders at risk.

Through its owner organisations, the LR has access to a number of resource persons in Pakistan and abroad with expertise within human rights and country specific contexts.

In addition, the LR is currently active in the following five networks in Norway:

  • NGO Forum for Human Rights
  • Consortium for NGO/Consultant and Individuals
  • Asia Minority forum


Legal Blog

Making the Law Working for Everyone

The Four Pillars of Legal Empowerment of the Poor Access to Justice and Rule of Law-Pillar-1 The first right which is guarantees all others: access

We are the active Member of APRRN & Executive Director Mr. Sheraz Khan is Representative for protection of Refugee Rights from Asia Pakistan.

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