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Bail Cancellation / Recalling 2020 S C M R 1115

2020 S C M R 1115
Following are some of the grounds upon which bail granted to an accused may be cancelled/recalled:
(i) The bail granting order was patently illegal, erroneous, factually incorrect and had resulted in miscarriage of justice;
(ii) The accused had misused the concession of bail in any manner;
(iii) The accused had tried to hamper prosecution evidence by persuading/pressurizing prosecution witnesses;
(iv) There was likelihood of abscondment of the accused beyond the jurisdiction of court;
(v) The accused had attempted to interfere with the smooth course of investigation;
(vi) The accused misused his liberty while indulging into a similar offence; and
(vii) Some Fresh facts and material had been collected during the course of investigation establishing guilt of the accused.

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