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Events in October 2019

Session 2 | Sep 16-18, 2019 | New York

Human rights conference LR has participated as speaker
and distributed IEC.

Voice of Human Rights

We protest because we love Humans!
Get up, stand up, Stand up for Human rights.

We protest because we love Humans. If someone needs to express their religions in a way that is different. They don’t deserve to be victims of violence. If you are uncomfortable with it, then you need to look at yourself. Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals are free. You cannot kill the truth. You cannot kill justice. You cannot kill what we are fighting for…

Sheraz Khan Advocate

.........Social Activist.........

Event`s Highlights

OPGF – New York had organized a meeting, Mr. Sheraz khan presented the organization work approach, achievements and overseas rights and challenges.
Mr. Zulfiqar bukhari explained the Ministry policies and new setup with enhancements. He appreciated the efforts of OPGF organization and ensure to enhance the coordination.

Video Coverage

Advocacy on social issues on adopting communication approach.


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Consultancy Services

Legal Researchers offers a range of organizational development and project consulting services to
clients in the not-for-profit, corporate, Firms, Institutes and public sectors. These consulting services include:

Christian Legal Rights

CLR is a non – denominational Christian legal service. We provide the closest thing to legal services (Christian Legal Rights) available to those who struggle to get access to quality legal help.

Low Cost Legal Help

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get legal advice and representation without paying a fortune to High Street lawyers. Qualifying for government legal aid is unlikely for many people.
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Legal Protection will facilitated in matters as in:

1- CNIC & Passport Matters
2- Revenue & Taxation Matters
3- Traffic & Police Matters
4- Agreements, Contracts & Deeds
5- Travel & Immigration
6- Dispute Resolution (Family Matters)
7- Company/Firm Registration
8- Court Representation
9- And many more…

Church Supporters

Through established Legal network platform with a monthly payment of just PKR 1050/- will enable our lawyers to continue for provide their assistance with professional legal representation. We deliver services for Christian Legal clients in:

Immigration & Asylum - Employment
Landlord & Tenant - Welfare & Benefits

Initial advice is free and where a legal fee is needed to cover costs it is usually fixed at just PKR 1050 – That is on average  a 60% reduction in fees. For example: PKR 10150 for a fresh immigration or asylum claim and advice is the lowest professional fee in the Pakistan!
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Court References

Asia Advocacy Forum

In Pakistan 49.4 percentage of the population lived in multidimensional poverty (the Poverty Index headcount’) while an additional 11 present were vulnerable to multiple deprivations. The intensity of deprivation is that, the average percentage of deprivation experienced by people living in Multi-dimensional poverty in Pakistan was 53.4 percentages. This implies that individuals living above the income poverty line may still suffer depri… Continue reading…

Partnership HOPE and LR for support education projects

In Pakistan, school education is suffering due to many reasons. Teachers’ education, curriculum and basic facilities are the pillars of quality education, and in Pakistan all these are criticized on many forums. On the other hand, government of Pakistan is trying to overcome these problems to ensure quality. In this determination, Hope for Global Community with partnership with Legal Researchers is taking initiatives and utilizing international resources. The aim, to strategies for ensure quality education and steps taken by the HOPE for Global Community for supporting quality education to the low cost community… Read more

Lend Hands to Support the
Deprived Individuals.

Social Support

Strategic Partners

LR have immense strategic association internationally with HOPE for Global community,
Overseas Pakistani global Foundation, Romina University, American Bar Association.


Legal Blog

We are the active Member of APRRN & Executive Director Mr. Sheraz Khan is Representative for protection of Refugee Rights from Asia Pakistan.